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Summertime Staples!: "Self-Love for Singles!"

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Hey you guys! I’m Mikaela, and I must say that I love, love, LOVE OatPop! The peanut butter delights are a phenomenal option if you’re looking for a delicious, sweet treat! Seriously though, it took everything in me not to eat every single one in one sitting!

Now to all my singles out there, with summer arriving, we all know we are wearing LESS and going out MORE! So, I feel it’s only right if I put y’all onto a few activities that are both fun and fulfilling because we all know self-love is the best love, okay!

One of my favorite things to do by myself is check out the local talent! Whether that may be a pop up that a local artist is doing or hitting a venue for some live music, I almost always leave feeling a sense of inspiration.

Those closest to me know, if I’m not lying out in my hammock, I’m taking myself on a hike or walk! I definitely recommend taking the time to check out any trails near you! I have found dozens of beautiful, scenic paths just around the corner from me, and honestly there’s nothing better than feeling the warmth of the sunshine and getting a little boost of serotonin!

Gosh, another thing I love to do is hit a sports game with friends! Being single can be hard at times. Sometimes it can get lonely, so I feel that it’s so important to lean on those closest to you! If you find yourself a little in the dumps, reach out to the homies, and plan a day to hit a game! The experience of being surrounded by those who care about you mixed with the excitement of the lively sports fanatics is enough to turn any frown upside down

Alright, being the foodie that I am, I must recommend taking yourself to breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or maybe even all three). Check out a spot you’ve never been to before. I’m talking hole in the wall, upscale, food trucks, and whatever else in between. Not only can you find a new favorite restaurant, but food is a love language and who better to share it with than yourself? Go ahead and treat yourself!

Overall, the best experiences are always those that are most authentic to you. I challenge you to really think about what makes you happiest and go out and do it with yourself. Take the time to think about what may interest you and go out and pursue it! If you want to learn how to make a pot, take a pottery class. If you like to dance, find out which spot has the best music near you and go do it! If you enjoy painting, hit a paint and sip. Either way you can’t go wrong if you’re doing it for yourself and for your happiness, just don’t forget to take OatPop with you!!

Mikaela Lopez

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