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OatPop at Home! Series: "Tina!"

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Go, Go, Go!—that’s the story of my life these days! My name is Tina and my life can seem like a whirlwind from start to finish these days.

What’s a day in the life of me looks like? Well, first it consists of me being a full-time grandma, and then its all about me burning the daylight-AND-midnight oil at work. All of the things which I enjoy of course, BUT having some OatPop around definitely helps me whenever I need the energy boost throughout the day! (Not to mention that they’re absolutely delicious to enjoy :-)).

And my grandsons can’t have enough of them as well!

(as seen from their smiling faces up above!).

I’m a repeat customer of Brandon’s and its been an absolute delight and joy to see him grow OatPop over the past few years. Thank you Brandon for the OatPop treats and be on the lookout for my next order soon!!!! :-)

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