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OatPop at Home! Series: "Katie!"

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I love to bake. It’s my stress relief, and the only hobby I’ve found time for as the mom of a toddler. Because I usually make sweets myself, I rarely bought them…until OatPop. I passed Brandon’s OatPop stand one of its first weeks at the Statesboro Farmer’s market on my weekly run to pick up fresh eggs. I was out of cash and going to *stick to the list* so I took a sample and waved, tasting it as I walked to my car. I didn’t make it to my car. One taste and I RAN back to the OatPop stand to buy Brandon out of bars.

Now our family is obsessed. For awhile there, we were going through so many peach, mixed berry, and strawberry bars a week that my husband and I had to come up with a daily limit to make sure we wouldn’t run out before the next OatPop delivery!

I send them to new mom friends around the country (because OatPop ships), set them out for our babysitters to snack on, and give them as thank you gifts, but mostly…I eat them. While I haven’t met an OatPop treat I don’t love, peach bars are my absolute favorite. They taste just like the first, perfect bite of peach pie every time. They’re so good with tea for breakfast (or with whiskey after dinner. Shhhhhhhh.).

My husband and I usually save them for an end of the day treat after our son has gone to bed. Not because we don’t like to share, but because—yeah, ok, mostly because we don’t like to share!

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