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"Local Delights!": Wall Orthodontics!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

We work tirelessly to keep all of our patient’s smiles around Statesboro in tip-top-shape! But OatPop has quickly become one of our favorite pastimes when we need a pick-me-up treat during the day!

Brandon actually became one of our patient’s back in August 2018. And over the course of his visits, we have grown to know him & love him as one of our own.

We had been seeing “OatPop!” posts all over social media in the Fall of 2021. However, we soon learned that Brandon owned the OatPop business in the winter of 2021. And being interested and intrigued in Brandon’s new business venture and wanting to show our support, we requested some samples of his products to try out!

Well to our delight, Brandon’s OatPop products are simply delicious! So delicious that we actually order from his business regularly when we put together our special gift baskets for our company’s partners and affiliates.

We may bring the SMILES to Statesboro, but Brandon has certainly brought the YUM to the Statesboro community & afar. Brandon, we are so proud of you & all that you have accomplished! And be on the lookout for our next order soon! It wont be long 😊.

-The Wall Orthodontics Team

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