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Local Delights!: OATFit with Hannah from Statesboro YMCA!

Hello! My name is Hannah Beggs and I am the Director at the Statesboro Family YMCA.

I love OATPOP! It is a delicious way to add in a healthy snack while staying active! Brandon was kind enough to share some of these delicious cookies with the members and staff at the YMCA. I started out at the YMCA through teaching Group Fitness and Personal Training and I love to help others get active and moving!!

With all of this Hot weather lately the temptation to stay inside and lounge can be all too real, I mean who doesn’t love netflix? BUT, There are plenty of ways for the family to stay cool and active in the YMCA and at Home!! As a YMCA member you can workout in the gym, kids can play and be active in Childwatch and we have group fitness classes galore. 35 classes a week that will keep the whole family fit (kids 8+ can come to some of the classes too!!) These range from yoga to boxing and everything in between.

Outside of the Y there is plenty that the family can do at home, the key is to be creative! Water relays with common household things are a great way for the whole family to have fun and stay active. These are also some of the activities we have in summer camp. Make a slip and slide with:

  • Water Hose

  • Tear Free Soap

  • Tarp

Make Sure that the slip and slide has plenty of water and soap on it and that it is long enough and you are all good to go!! If you want to make it a relay you can add water balloons, a sprinkler to run through, or even a water gun fight!!

With all this fun and activity it's important as well to fuel with healthy stuff!! Besides delicious OatPop! (which if you haven’t tried the blueberry coffee cake, you really should) there are plenty of options that can be another fun activity for the family!! Plant a garden, gardens are a great way for kids to see how food is grown and the importance of fruits and vegetables, helps to build self confidence, and develops focus and memory. If you don’t have a space to garden, come and garden with us at the Y as part of our community garden!

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