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Local Delights!: "Farmer's Market Finds" with Ryan!

Hey! My name is Ryan Redding :) I started working with the Statesboro Farmers Market a little over 3 years ago as part of an internship for my degree. After helping out the first Saturday I fell in love and have been helping out ever since.

I mostly help now with Market2Go (our online Farmers Market), this is where I discovered OatPop. My friend Murphy ordered some of the Strawberry Bars one Thursday and I said “Those look good, what are they?” She let me try one and now I am hooked!

I regularly order from the Farmers Market, not only because it feels good to support the community but also the quality of the food is just so much better! Three of my favorite vendors to order from are Jacobs Produce, Hunter Cattle and Road-Tisserie!

Jacobs Produce has been a part of the Statesboro Farmers Market since the beginning. Their family farm produces some of the most delicious and nutritious vegetables you have ever tasted. Before going to the farmers market I heard that locally grown organic produce tasted better but I didn’t really believe it, trust me it does! If you regularly cook with a lot of vegetables, trust me when I say you need to try their produce!

Hunter Cattle is another favorite that has been around  the farmers market for a while. I make it a point now to always buy my beef and chicken from them every week! The same with produce goes for meat (maybe even more so), you really can taste the difference! All of their beef is grass fed and their chicken is free range. It is hard for me to eat meat from the grocery store now because of how good theirs is.

Lastly, the new prepared food vendor Road-Tisserie has quickly become one of my favorites. I have made it a point now every Saturday to hit up his food truck for lunch, and I always get the same thing. Half a rotisserie chicken with potatoes and corn casserole. Let me tell you, it is phenomenal! He puts the cut potatoes under the chicken while its cooking and lets the drippings make the potatoes nice and crispy. It truly is one of my favorite meals!

If you haven’t come to the Statesboro Farmers Market yet you should definitely stop by one Saturday, or check out Market2Go!

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