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Local Delights!: "Farmer's Market Finds" With Murphy!

Hey there! My name is Murphy and I work at the Convention & Visitors Bureau here in


Since we work so closely with the Farmers Market, one of the best parts of my job

has been getting to see the wide array of local products and wonderful vendors we have here,

and I couldn’t start a post about Farmers Market favorites without mentioning OatPop! From the

moment I first tried the strawberry bars I knew I was hooked. It’s rare to find a treat that can

work as breakfast, a mid-afternoon snack, or a dessert, but somehow Brandon has done it! My

house is definitely more than a little addicted at this point.

As for some of my other favorite finds at the market, I have to mention my go-to produce

vendor, Poor Robin Gardens! I love fresh vegetables, and these never disappoint. There’s

always a great assortment of veggies to choose from, and you can see the care and quality

growing that goes into them!

If you’re in the market for a local plant expert, I can’t think of someone more qualified than

Glenn Haynes from The Potting Cart. As someone who is definitely more of a gardening

newbie, I can always count on honest and relevant information about each plant. With his help,

my black thumb is finally turning a little more green.

Another vendor I’m unsure what I would do without now would have to be Camhanaich Farms.

One of mine and my mom’s favorite things to do together was go pick fresh lavender. Whenever

I could I would try and keep fresh lavender on my nightstand to help me sleep better, or at the

very least relax me a little bit. Having access to that again has been amazing! They offer

bundles of fresh lavender of course, but the star for me now would have to be the body sprays.

The fresh and clean fragrances all revolving around lavender as the base have definitely

replaced all my previous perfume choices. My personal favorites? “Dreamer” and “Him” for sure.

If you have the chance to do so, please head to the local farmers market! There’s never a

shortage of delicious food or unique finds. Be sure to visit Brandon’s booth and get yourself

some of those strawberry oatmeal bars while you’re there too!

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