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"Kuiet on the Set" with Kim!: "Spruce, Sprung, SPRING!"

Hey there Oaties! My name is Kim and i've got the magic touch around the OatPop house this Spring Season! Check out some of my new Spring finds & must-haves for this 2022 Spruce, Sprung, SPRING Season!

You know, Spring is a lot like me waiting for my OatPop treats to arrive!

The first WARM day of Winter,

Spring begins its anticipation in the hope that it will one day make its official grand entrance.

And after I place my OatPop order ->> I too begin waiting with the anticipation of biting into that first cookie and remembering that all too is well with the world….

at least while I’m enjoying my COOKIES!!!!!

It’s my little bit of sunshine of hope that good things are up ahead.

So, as I transition into Spring, some things will change in my home….



and my air conditioner temperature!……But, thankfully, one thing will remain consistent!……


The smell of the warm toasted oats and fruity flavors throughout my home makes it feel like springtime year ‘round!

Smelling these warm and delightful flavors gives me the inspiration and energy I need to roll up my sleeves, dust the pollen off my spring decor, and prepare to spruce up my home for spring!

Hey OatPop lovers, what’s your Spring decoration inspiration? I can’t wait to enjoy a delicious

Strawberry Bar on one of my new favorite springtime saucers! Ummmm….so good!

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