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"Kuiet on the Set" with Kim!: "A Summer Daze & All My Way!"

Hey y’all, It’s me Kim! And I’m back with another “Kuiet on the Set” seasonal design blog inspo!

Summertime for me this time around was all about the color YELLOW!

Yellow highlights,

Yellow accents,

Yellow plants,

and even yellow veggies & drinks!

Some may think that color yellow is an obvious choice for the summertime (which I agree that it can be). But yellow to me means positivity and hope, and that’s exactly what I wanted the vibe of my back porch area to be.

I chose a true Navy Blue color as the base color for my space and popped in some yellow accent pillows and trinkets around the space for some needed bursts of bright inspiration.

This may go without saying, but with the heat we’ve been experiencing this summer, I chose to keep this space relatively light in terms of the absence of heavy décor items like blankets or excessive materials on my sofas.

I think just a few good vibe pillows like the ones I have here were just enough to fill my space with the summertime shine & joy I was looking for.

Alright OAT-lovelies, this is what I have for you this time around!

Now, how do we make this Summer of 2022 the best one yet? Well, we’ll start with a glass of lemonade, a good book, & some yummy OatPop to snack on while enjoying the cool sunset of our Summer Evenings!

(Cause Lord knows it’s way too warm outside to enjoy our Summer Mornings or Afternoons these days!!!)

See ya next Season!


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