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Behind the Scenes with Brandon!: "Of Oats & Sundays!"


And I mean this in the most happy,


& “OatPop-PY” way:

I loathe Sundays.

There. I said it!!! I’m human, OKAY?! Sundays require large amounts of iced coffee and mental fortitude for them to go off without a hitch.

Already today, I’ve lost my moon bracelet (from Bracelets by Barbara), have had to exert the bare minimum energy to brew some more coffee (so I can save $4.05 from Starbucks), and make some more homemade simple syrup, ANDDD I never got around to cleaning my room last night like I said I would!!!


Mini rant over.

But seriously. Sundays require the MOST amount of will power & energy from me because it’s such a make-or-break day for the rest of your week! Am I alone out here?! The thing that helps me push through it is:

1) I’m an adult, and if I want something done, I have to get over myself and literally just do it (this is the saddest reason lol).

And 2) I have to think about >>> “FUTURE BRANDON” <<< and make his life as easy as possible for the upcoming week.

And honestly, “FUTURE BRANDON” can become a little verklempt during the week if I don’t prepare for him well on Sundays…


I guess I say all of that to say that:

I’m going with option number 1 above: the adulthood option….BLEHHHH *convulses in “I wanna be 16 again”*!

And I’m currently OVER-prepping my coffee supply for the upcoming week,for obvious…>>“FUTURE BRANDON”<< reasons.

And i'm baking some Original-Style Oatmeal Cookies for my own peace of mind and mid-day chomping.

So yes.

Wish me loads of "Sunday-OATluck" friends, as I over-prep my coffee supply, get some more OatPop planning done, and commence a wild goose chase to find my Moon Bracelet….

Because I don’t wanna add any more fuel to BARBARA’S fire while we’re in the midst of a very serious bubble war!

See ya soon! :p


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