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Behind the Scenes with Brandon!: "Of Oats & Bubble Wars!"

Well, well, well…

I always make everybody else write the blogs for me (well---they oblige cause they love me :ppp), but I decided to write one for my website today! Because….

1) I unfortunately spend my Saturday nights at home in solitude recovering from the whirlwind of the Farmer’s Market on Saturday Mornings


2) I just simply have no personal life on the weekends, friends! There. I said it!!! (Here’s to entrepreneurship, right?)

Anyways----Hi 

I’m Brandon and I’m the owner of OatPop! This blog post is for my own entertainment purposes, peeps. So, I’ll hit you with the sale another time :P. But let me briefly discuss this bubble war that “Bracelets By Barbara” commenced with me today.

So Barbara Barr is my vendor-neighbor at The Statesboro Farmers Market (it takes place on Saturday Mornings 9a-12:30p, located at the Visit Statesboro center in Statesboro, GA). And we’ve been vendor-neighbors for 3 months now. And honestly our friendship has been forged in stone by this light-hearted, friendly-fire bubble war.

Barbara is EXTREMELYYY awesome and even hooked me up with a moon bracelet with a Darth Vader charm as a finishing touch. (I LOVE the moon; it’s my weird personal obsession. But Hey: humans are weird, and i’m----> **human**.).

But anyways, back to this bubble war, I got the guidance from one of my close friends to invest into getting a “BAZOOKA BUBBLE GUN”, so pleaseeeeeee be in deep, deep fervent Moon prayer with me that I save enough money to get that soon & ASAPso I can take Barb downnnnnnnn!!!!!

But seriously though, I love Barb . And all of my other market vendor friends & fam. And I’m sad that I have to wait until Saturday of every week to see them :ppp. BUT I’m excited that we have 6 more months of selling together!

OK. So here’s a quick recap of my day today (not that you particularly care…but HEY, it’s my blog and it’s my prerogative!!!) :

1) Barbara surprised me with this bubble wand and we commenced our bubble war before the market started at 9a!

2) I sent this photo to a friend because we were talking about how we liked our coffee earlier today. And anybody who even slightly knows me knows that I am *OBSESSED* with coffee. Plus, I like my friends to know what my coffee order is just in case they ever want to show me that they love me and surprise me with it randomly haha. (We’ll see if my friend reads this blog all the way through & gets the hint! :p)

3) I read books.

Well... I try to find time read books

When I’m not cooking…

SO, I guess I don’t read books often is what I’m trying to say haha.

But I had a spare 20 minutes to read at a coffee shop, and I seized the moment while I could! This book was a teen drama one. Sure, I could be reading a self-help book like “The Power of Habit” or “The Intelligent Investor”, but its Saturday and I’ve got ONE life to live and if I wanna read a teen drama book, LET ME LIVEEEEE OKKK!!!!

It’s pretty good though ha.

4) I fortunately sold all my products and had some time to spare before the breakdown of our market commenced at 12:30pm. SO I begged, and groveled, and pleaded, & literally BESEECHED Murphy to let me sit down and chill at the Visit Statesboro center for a few minutes before we got started on it. But Murphy’s so kind and cool:

-->turns out I didn’t need to do all of that begging & beseeching after all hahaha.

Thanks Murph!

Here’s a pic of me & a Snapchat filter at the Visit Statesboro Center haha!

And now fast forward to me writing this blog out at 8pm!

Ok this is enough for tonight. If you read this far, bless you. You’re a real one & I appreciate youuu!!! And Now,

Time for me to go make a coffee, clean my room, scramble some money together, & go buy that BAZOOKA BUBBLE GUN (No. I didn’t forget Barb :P)!!! Talk to you soon !!!!!!


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