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"Behind the Scenes with Brandon!": "My 8 Essentials for Balance!"

Updated: Aug 2, 2022


I’m a Libra, right.

Which cosmically means that I can appreciate all things in perfect balance and harmony with each other.

Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. Reality.

And furthermore, when you run a business alone:

You are most certainly going to have some “out-of-balance” moments.


Fortunately for me, I’ve known Brandon for 26 years. So I know exactly what he needs moment-by-moment to assist with his return back to his optimum Libran state-of-balance.

So, if you’re a fellow entrepreneur,….

Or just a hard worker,…

Or just a literal human being living in the year 2022,...

Here are my 8 daily essentials for maintaining balance that might spark some inspiration to add onto your own daily essentials list.

1) Drink Coffee. Yes. Enough said


2) Drink Water. Yes….this probably should have been number one, but you know me:

>>>I’m not fooling anyyyyyyoneeeee when it comes to this order of importance<<<

But yes. I like to carry around one to two Mason Jars of water filled to the brink.

3) Go to sleep. I love to sleep.

It's the best and most reliable reset for myself. So much so that, 75% of my “mountains” end up becoming “molehills” after I take a nap or go to sleep.

***(YouTube “Deep Sleep” Music Videos have helped me greatly on my ‘Go to Sleep’ Journey as well).

4) Cook. I remind myself to cook something special for me occasionally. Between the hustle and bustle of OatPop, I like to cook something nice (& quick) for myself a few times a week!

5) Clean Room. I don’t know about you….but when my room is clean, my life just makes more sense. I’m sure there’s a science behind the clutter in your room relating to the clutter in your mind.

So, if anyone can find the information on that and drop it into the comments below that would be greatly appreciated. But yes. When I’m feeling peeved or just feeling all over the place, I make the task of “cleaning my room” a priority.

6) Detach from Social Media. Particularly as an entrepreneur, this one is a pretty important for me given that we basically have to live on social media during certain phases of our business growth for sustained success & visibility. However, I try to limit myself to a set time frame or interval throughout the day to maintain more of a balanced lifestyle.

Yet, when I’m detaching from “Social Media” (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.), I’m still scrolling through YouTube videos and binging my favorite YouTube content creators. I consider YouTube as more of a personal “me time” :p!

7) Read and Write. I find that when I’m becoming particularly restless or just flat out bored, I need to read or write. I like to get to Starbucks to sit down & read sometimes because I really love the environment (plus they know my name by heart now haha).

With writing, I love to indulge in writing for my blog on here because it doesn’t feel like work to me. So that satisfies my writing penchant most times.

(But I also used to journal a lot, so whichever avenue feels best to me now!)

8) Get a fortune cookie from Panda Express. Literally. Cause who doesn’t love a little pick-me-up message in a fortune cookie to help them make it through the day?!!!

Welp--this is my daily essentials list for myself!

Of course, I don’t end up doing all these things every day…

(particularly the one about me getting a Panda Express fortune cookie everyday ***sobs internally***).

But I find that most of these naturally make it into my day-to-day life, someway & somehow. And it's all in an effort to help me maintain more of a balance of all things Business & Brandon!


it's time for me to go figure out how to win a lifetime supply of fortune cookies. Cause I mean….why not…

Who wouldn't want more daily good fortune!!! :))))

Team Oatie,

Wish me luck :P

We’ll talk soon!


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